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Unitron is a Canadian hearing aid manufacturer with worldwide operations headquartered in Waterloo Region, Canada. Originally founded in 1964, they're proud of their legacy of excellence and commitment to outstanding product performance, design, and customer satisfaction.

They believe the world would be a better place if people felt really good about the entire hearing care experience. Providing an exceptional product is just the beginning.

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Key Features

Their solutions easily adapt to meet changing needs. For Unitorn, flexibility isn’t about reactive shifts in direction, it’s about setting a strategic course that considers how needs evolve over time, and ensuring that everything they do is built to deliver on this approach, each step of the way.

They enable their customers and their clients to make collaborative, confident choices. For Unitron, empowerment isn’t about a transfer of responsibility or control. It’s about the innovations that keep us connected, ensuring everything they do is relevant and impactful.

They value the hard work that goes into making experiences feel easy. For Unitron, easy isn’t about avoiding complexity. It’s about overcoming it with seamless solutions that enable everyone to spend more time doing what they love. They push the boundaries from what works, to what works better.

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